So what on earth is a FIPS? And why is it called ECO? FIPS is the abbreviation for the German words “Flächen-Intensiv-Pflege-System”, which translates to Intensive Surface Maintenance and Cleaning System. With ECOFIPS we have united ecologically safe weed control with hot and cold high pressure cleaning (environmentally safe cleaning solution added on demand) in one single tool. This makes the ECOFIPS the smallest and most versatile tool for weed control.


The ECOFIPS is best suited for effective weed control and cleaning of surfaces such as walk-paths around the house, driveways, parking spots but also patios and decks in private and gastronomy settings. The ECOFIPS will impress by removing moss and green algae from otherwise hard to clean surfaces, but it will work equally well on stone, wood, new or aged plastic, metal and more. In short: Most of the material you can find around any building!

How does it work?

In weed control mode, ECOFIPS employs the well known hot water – hot foam process. Using hot water alone is fairly effective, however adding hot biological foam traps the applied heat longer and allows a more effective treatment with less water and reduced work-time.

So, why do we build the ECOFIPS and why should you use it to care for your surfaces? Only humans consider weeds to be something bad. But these plants and herbs are valuable parts of nature and play a vital role for insects and especially pollinating insects such as bees. Your job as property owner is to figure out where you may wish to let weeds grow and determine in which areas too many weeds will affect the properties appearance or impact safety. The weeds you choose to remove can be removed in a way that allows efficient use of your time while at the same time reducing the use of chemicals.

How to use your ECOFIPS for weed cleaning

How to use your ECOFIPS for high pressure cleaning

ECOFIPS will help you manage your surface care concepts for cleanliness and safety.

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